what started as a simple overdub track took on a life of it’s own and became a monster, stomping around the room like a maniac . AAARRRGGGHH!!!!!
Thank Fuck for the KORG ~ anger manager & katharsis maker.
lyrics by john lennon *except where i altered them*

a slightly altered acapella version of this 500+ year old murder ballad that originated in oxford england and moved to tennessee at some point in the long and exhaustive history of murdering women and writing songs about it.

a work in progress by bitter pie
a 4’ square painted graphic novel
animated as it is being made.


{for the trees of panhandle park - LoDef mix}

instrumental impromptu remote collaboration with Brice Frillici (on glockenspiel) for his upcoming album. www.bricefrillici.com

this was the first take on tape of piano mixed together with celloy & other noises recorded in glorious mono.. 


People who make their grilled cheese sandwiches with one slice of cheese don’t love themselves

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2013 Realistic-Not-Paranoid Remix of “Paranoid Song” originally released in 2001

EMPTY lay down

Deletist’s 3rd Class version of a Big Black song.

the ctrl/v\3rr0r version of a Misfits song. (posthumous)